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What is your wish for this project?

Our hope is to raise funds through a 'change drive' at our Oak Park Unified School District elementary schools to support the S.O.I.L. organization in Haiti that builds composting toilet facilities. The program provides badly needed sanitation facilities, including to schools, where few exist, and converts the waste into compost to help restore the degraded topsoil on the island. Our goal is to raise at least $2000.

How did it go?

It went amazing! We raised $2100 to support SOIL, which is enough to construct a community toilet facility. Just as important we brought in experts to talk to all of our children about the soil and how precious it is. We learned about worms and vermi-composting and all three of our schools will be receiving worm composting bins in the fall. Our school district motto is Educating Compassionate and Creative Global Citizens, so this project helped our children on this more