People Served

What is your wish for this project?

The book, One Special Rhino: The Story of Andatu, was written, illustrated and self-published by fifth graders at the PS 107 John W. Kimball Learning Center in Brooklyn, New York. Narrated by Andatu, the only Sumatran rhino ever to be born in captivity in Indonesia, it describes the everyday pleasures of rhino life, the challenges facing the species' survival, including the poaching epidemic, and urges readers to get involved and help save them.

How did it go?

The publication of One Special Rhino at our school was a major event. The fifth graders did a series of readings for the lower grades. The book received coverage in local newspapers and on national blogs, and is scheduled to be featured in National Geographic's August issue. The book has been selling well on Amazon.com, and all proceeds go directly to the International Rhino Foundation (IRF). Sales of the book at our school helped us raise over $3,000 for our Cinco de Rhino annual fundr...read more