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What is your wish for this project?

My grandchildren and I grow fruits and vegetables organically in our backyard. We provide plants for various types of butterflies, caterpillars and birds using plants native to Florida. My wish is for them to be aware that they each make a difference in the success of maintaining the garden and in helping to support the plants and animals in the garden.

How did it go?

1. We are planting FL native plants for caterpillars and butterflies. 2. We have a bird-feeder, two live oak trees and have added beautyberry for the birds. 3. We have planted mulberry and raspberry trees and we have various vegetables that we are growing organically. The grandkids (ages 6 and 4) can ID the caterpillars, butterflies and birds. They know we have to water and weed and we have to make sure the plants are growing in the correct environment. They know they can each help and that more