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What is your wish for this project?

We have an area outside of our classroom that has some wooden planters, tables, and benches that need to be replaced. We want to keep this area open, available, and safe for our students so we need to replace some of the benches and planters. We also need money for new soil and plants. The children love spending time in this area and planting, watering, and taking care of the plants. They learn a lot about food and are more willing to try vegetables and fruits they they have grown themselves.

How did it go?

We decided that we wanted to teach the children more about community gardening and eating healthy. We used the money from the grant to buy more plants, specifically vegetable plants and fruit trees, soil, and other gardening supplies. We measured our success by having students try the vegetables and fruits that are growing. So far students have tried tomatoes, and mint because these are the two plants that have produced. However, soon we will have peppers, lemons, strawberries, carrots, and more