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What is your wish for this project?

Due to low use, our Girl Scout cabin fell into disrepair. When we found out, we jumped at the chance to see if we could shed light on this beautiful, pristine land and bring awareness to the history of old Claremont. There were several parts to this project. We talked to the newspapers so the community could learn about La Casita cabin, and we partnered with groups to help improve the cabin. A Boy Scout received his Eagle Project by building us an Archery more

How did it go?

This project was amazing because we were able to shed light on a property and cabin that was not being used, and in disrepair, and we helped to refurbish it. Now, La Casita is used almost every weekend by Scouts, colleges, groups, organizations and boards for weekend retreats. The cabin will stay and the area around be kept for generations so the animals can keep their homes and the plants native to that area will stay too. People will enjoy the surroundings, archery and ropes course, and more