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What is your wish for this project?

2017 Update : Unfortunately, the Memory loss center pulled out of our project last May. The girls were dismayed but were determined to find another home for our project. We have spent the last seven months trying to find somewhere suitable. After a number meetings, phone calls, and emails, we are happy to find another plot for our greenhouse. We will be building in the spring at our local school district more

How did it go?

We are still at the beginning of our project and will upload more photos etc as we move along. Update - May 2017 - The posts are now in and we are getting ready to build the frames for the walls. We have a work day on Saturday with some community help. Update August 2017 - We are almost there. The walls are more or less done. We ran out of bottles and so a campaign to get those last few 100 bottles is under way. So far we have used around 1400 plastic bottles.