Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Our class is named after the beehive cluster of stars. Over the year we have talked about how every bee in a hive is important and has something unique to share. We wish that there were more beesin our community, and more beauty in this world where we live. We wish we could harvest honey and learn all that we can about bees. We wish we could share our garden with the bees.

How did it go?

Together we brainstormed all the elements of our 'county' that we live in. We then broke into teams, creating the elements we had decided on. Many people helped put everything together. The kids wanted to add more, and more, and more. They helped arrange and re-arrange the places and things that are familiar to them. We installed the project in a common area of the school so that our class could share what we were doing with the rest of the elementary school.