Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
Project in progress

What is your wish for this project?

My goal is to help save the bees! Bees are very important to our envirment they help the flowers grow, they create honey in which we use and they also plonate the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Without bees, we would not have enough food to feed our population.

How are you going to do it?

I am going to create a team of people from my town. First, we are going to go door to door and ask people if they want to take action and save the bees. We will ask them to sign a petition saying they will not use harmful chemicals (pesticides, herbicides) on their property. We can also educate our neighbors about non-toxic methods to manage their yards. Second, we will go to town hall and ask to use public lands to plant bee gardens in the spring. A bee garden will include wildflowers, milk more