Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
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What is your wish for this project?

We hope to revitalize the redwood trees growing in three parts of our campus at Canoga Park HS of Southern California. They have been dying out, mostly because of compaction, and lack of water and humidity. They have been here for decades and are a integral part of the history of this 100-year old school.

How did it go?

We were able to aerate and mulch one of the redwood groves, but the aerator broke before we could get to the school quad area. We fertilized and planted around the redwoods in both areas into summer break. We don't have enough funds to purchase misters to increase humidity, but that is on our wish list. I feel our project rose awareness about protecting the redwoods, and the Eco Club at our school also had two events with the help of Tree People similar to what we did.