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What is your wish for this project?

Our goal is to make science and learning fun for elementary and middle school students! We will have a lot of fun STEM projects that are related to winter and cold temperatures. At the same time, we are conducting a winter clothes drive - we will ask participants to bring warm clothing to the event and also welcome them to take any mittens, coats, or the like home with them. We will have a great time teaching, mentoring, and giving!

How did it go?

Winterfest was great for many reasons! A cold weather clothing drive allowed families to participation in Winterfest with a donation that benefited children at a local school district. Kids who were in need of coats, mittens, or scarves were encouraged to grab a piece of clothing to protect them from the winter temperatures after their day of chilly lessons at the most amazing science museum! We loved interacting one on one with young people and their insatiable imaginations on STEM projects more