Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
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What is your wish for this project?

Throughout our brief time at Sequoyah, we few members of the school gardening club have noticed an a certain area, behind our science classroom, that is avoided by most of our school. This area is a small overgrown patch of small trees and plants that cover it. We would like to change that. We believe that with the money from Roots and Shoots, we can truly turn this space from an overgrown backyard into a beautiful and peaceful garden that people on the Sequoyah campus can more

How did it go?

While we are still a work in progress, we have made significant progress. We have been meeting with the leaders of the Neighborhood Universalist Unitarian Church, with whom we share our campus. We confirmed with them the area we would like to re-landscape, and are currently working with them to determine which native plants, vegetables, and herbs they would like to see growing on the campus. We are also negotiating a watering schedule with them to make sure that our garden is maintained during more