Project in progress

What is your wish for this project?

In 5th grade we study the regions and states that make up the United States. At our school we also have a classroom name for each class. Our class is the Jaguar Room in honor of the last remaining Jaguar seen in the US. Because of this, we are interested in studying extinct and endangered species of the SW. This is not limited to vertebrate species, but to plants and insects as well. We would like to bring awareness to the causes contributing to each species more

How are you going to do it?

We hope to raise awareness about many of the endangered species of the Southwestern US. We will do this through an awareness campaign throughout our school community. This project will carry on long after these 5th graders have left the school because their infographics will be spray painted on the side walks of the school. Students will be able to enjoy them and learn about the endangered species and the reason for their endangerment for years to come.