Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
People Served

What is your wish for this project?

Our main goal for Teens vs. Trash is to educate people on how negative garbage is to our oceans and what we can do to change that. We wish to teach people how to change their daily lifestyles to benefit the environment and our communities. Plastic waste can take almost 1000 years to decompose in landfills! That means, in those 1000 years, these plastics can damage ecosystems and harm all different kinds of animals and more

How did it go?

Our project was a success! We actually started Teens vs. Trash a while ago, but now we have incorporated even more into the project! We organized a few very successful beach cleanups over the past couple years and our new station (Litter Pickers) is also a success! We have a few teen volunteers almost every weekend who help clean up LOTS of trash. We collect huge bags of trash every time!