Landscapes, Trees, and Plants
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What is your wish for this project?

My hope is to turn a bit of open space near my classroom into a "learning" garden full of native plants and animals/insects which can survive in the drought conditions we are experiencing in Southern California. My students and I wanted to encourage our school population to see the benefit of growing native species which can use water efficiently and that these plants can make our school landscape beautiful without relying on huge amounts of water.

How did it go?

After many hours of planning, getting parent volunteers, and purchasing the needed garden materials and tools, my class finally got the "roots" of our native species garden completed! As an added bonus, we planted native species which are conducive as food for Monarch butterflies traveling through our city and are applying for our garden to become a Monarch Way Station. This part of our project is still in progress. Furthermore, to share our knowledge and to let the 354 other more