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What is your wish for this project?

For the fourth year now, the Tom McCall Roots&Shoots group has planned to take 4 field trips to Nana Cardoon Urban Farm and Learning Center. Our primary objective would be to explore and have “hands on” experience with natural food systems. Nana Cardoon offers a rich environment for developing understanding of plant growth, harvest, processing, preservation, and preparation. A secondary objective would be developing deeper connections to our community and its more

How did it go?

This year we have made 4 trips to Nana Cardoon, one in the Fall and three this Spring. Our Spring trips were in April and May. We are looking at how nature changes with the seasons. One of our focuses this year was the role that soil plays in growing plants. Each visit we have done activities that help builds quality soil. As well as observing and exploring, we have planted potatoes and corn, and helped remove invasive English Ivy. We even learned to weave the ivy into baskets, making more