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Recycling with my neighbors.

In our building we throw away a lot of trash without considering who this might be hurting. In our city…
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Protect our Oceans and Wildlife & Reduce Plastic Waste

Our wish is to help reduce plastics on our planet and protect and preserve our oceans and wildlife. We will…
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Blooms for Good

1. Pollinators are experiencing habitat loss. 2. Members of nursing homes need more community love.
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Light as a Feather

NJ bird populations have been declining in the past few decades.
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Landfills are everywhere. But Plasma can fix that.With the help of the fourth state of matter, We can turn Solid…
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Support Your Local Animal Shelter

Animals in shelters spend many hours in cages. There is often not enough time, staff or enrichment for all the…
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The Book of Hope, A Hand Up

The past two years have been hard. Families lost income through loss of job, or may have lost family members…
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Catching (and helping) Community Cats

Community Cats need to be spayed and neutered to stop the cycle of kitten births outside. Life on the streets…
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Eat Real!

Students often eat highly processed food. They need to learn that snacks are important for them and because they burn…
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