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Beach cleanup

Getting plastic in our oceans because animals such as turtles sometimes mistaken it for food.
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Trash cleanup

The trash in and around nature/wooded areas and water
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International Cleanup – park

we want to fix the trash in a public park. It is very dirty and dangerous for the environment, animals…
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Trash cleanup, to save are world!

We want to pick up trash, so animals do not accidentally eat it!
4 members

Santa Monica Beach Cleanup

Individually, we have taken recent visits to the beach and have noted the litter in the sand. We have begun…
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Community Cleanup / Stream Cleaning

Richard's Family alliance's goal for this project is to contribute positively to the environment and use giving back as a…

Community Cleanup / Stream Cleaning

Richard's Family Alliance Group hopes that this project will make a positive contribution to the community, and provide a cleaner,…

The Hero Foundation: Community Cleanup

We wish to rid our environment of litter here in Napa, plant trees where we are able to, clean our…

Bay Trail Beach Cleanups

My wish is that the Bay Trail on the coast of our island will be clean from debris and hazardous…
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