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Global Day of Climate Action Shoe Strike with Hamilton Amnesty

Climate change is currently creating natural disasters and other negative environmental impacts, but there are still those who deny its…
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The Osceola Women’s Wellness Project

We want to bring attention to the disparity and lack of equal access to female hygiene resources within public school…
1 member

Vertical Garden

That our school doesn't have a large amount of natural elements
1 member

Bird feeder (and camera)

lack of knowledge about local birds
1 member

Cleaning Memphis

The litter in our city's parks is not only unappealing to humans, but is also a danger for wildlife in…
3 members

palm oil action challenge

Much of the rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia are being cleared for palm oil plantations, which releases large amounts of…
2 members

The ZERO Waste movement

Due to an increase in the amount of pollutants entering our water ways, impacting - not just the overall water…
1 member


The purpose of this project is to create a cost-effective, yet efficient search and rescue robot. My hypothesis was that…
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sustainability in the music industry
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