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Roots & Shoots Bottle Collection

In our community, we've noticed that students frequently disregard the distinctions between trash cans and recycling bins. As a result,…
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Volunteering with Shoreline Food Pantry

Food insecurity in the Clinton Area!
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Cards for Hospice Patients

My goal is to cheer up patients at a local hospice center with cheerful cards, decorations, etc.. The patients often…
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Compost Cafe

The soil at our school is very dry and lifeless. Adding compost to the soil will make for healthy soil…
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Pollinator Garden

A lack of pollinator diversity in the heart of our city.
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Creighton Storey Free-to-Pick Community Garden

Lack of fresh produce and degraded soils in Albany NY\'s South End.
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Feed Families Organic Fruits and Veggies

People not having access to Organic food due to the cost!
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Conscious Consumers

Overconsumption of new items, which contributes to climate change and effects people, animals and the planet.
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To restore Hope, Fuel Purpose, and Drive Love back into the hearts of mankind by applying biblical principles that feed…
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