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The Majestic Care Project

5.7% of women have a substance use disorder in the United States, according to 2015 National Survey on Drug Use…
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Lunch Waste Composting

Food waste is a big part of people\'s waste generation. We want to compost school lunch waste into soil that…
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Pacific Boulevard Student Garden

Providing a habitat for endangered bees and Monarch butterflies in our student garden planned, planted, and maintained by special education…
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Merritt Island Annex Collections

Too difficult for people to recycle hard-to-recycle items due to distance to the collection boxes at main office of Recycle…
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Family Strengthening Program

Dysfunctional families, specifically parenting education.
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Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds

We need increased community involvement and more butterflies, bees and hummingbirds and we need the correct flora to attract them.
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Palisades MESA Group

We want to target a Sustainable Design Goal-- whether it's to help local problem, an environmental problem, or even an…
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Pollinator Gardens

We've noticed a lack of pollinator habitats in Boulder County Colorado.
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Homeschool Community Garden

Education & Sharing of Food. Learning to Garden & eat more Fruits & Veggies.
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