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Native Plant Art Garden

Over-use of water by non-native plants & lack of community knowledge of beauty & uses of native plants.
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Water Saver 2

We are committed to saving water by reducing outdoor water use. Therefore, we wish to plant water-saving plants in our…
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Stand With The Victims of Hurricane Eta

Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala are reeling from the devastation caused by Hurricane Eta, which ravaged their countries on November 3rd,…
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Project School Supplies

We are joining a college campus team (which I am a part of) in our district that is going to…
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Friends of Endangered Species 2020

Endangered animals
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Cleaning up the local beaches from plastic.
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Mei’s Messenger Getting The Word Out About Conservation

Getting the word out to very young children 4-7 years old about what they can do to help improve our…
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The Pretty Big Pollinator Project

We would like to increase pollinator habitat through a campaign to address public awareness and conservation efforts. We will encourage…
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Thanksgiving Meals “Food Drive” 2020 Virtual Fundraiser – GHS Roots&Shoots

The goal of the Thanksgiving fundraiser is to raise funds in order to provide meals to over 100 families in…
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