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Bee Our Friend

The problem we would like to fix is bringing awareness to the importance of bees in our environment!
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Garden Space Revival

There are a number of spaces on our school's campus that are in need of care. We have our eyes…
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Building Our Sustainable Community

There are many students and their families who cannot afford fresh, healthy food. There are also many people in our…
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Food for Thought

My students maintain a food pantry for our school. Our food pantry does so much more than feed hungry kids.…
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STEM You Can! 2022 In-Person Camp Experience , Environmentally Themed

Many young girls and kids lost hands-on opportunities to learn STEM through experiments and builds. The lost experience in addition…
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Changemaker Park

Using a portion of our campus that has been ignored to reclaim the habitat and make it useful for learning,…
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Building a little free rock/mineral/fossil/book library

We want to attract more visitors to the beautiful Arboretum in Huron county of Michigan to enhance the desire to…
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Worms can Help

To build a new habitat for our classroom worms and help with the amount of waste being added to the…
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Pollinators in Peril

STEM Launch is a problem-based learning model STEM school. The problem our kindergarten students are trying to solve is two-fold.…
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