Run for the Rhinos

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    Atlanta, Georgia
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    Any Age

The Problem

My Roots and Shoots project is a Run for the Rhinos located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to help spread awareness that rhinos are critically endangered and need to be saved. Their horns are being cut off because it is believed they are medicine, however this is not true, and we strive to help tell the truth about how beautiful, loving and necessary rhinos are to our world.

Our Plan

We plan to organize a Run for the Rhinos one mile fun-run fundraiser to raise funds for rangers as well as veterinarians who care for the rhinos. We sell Run for the Rhinos T-shirts as well as baked goods to help fund organizations helping rhinos in Africa, such as Care for Wild in South Africa. The Run for the Rhinos is a great way to get involved in helping to save the rhinos.

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Wildlife Trafficking

The Benefit

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