It help to conserve the environment and this will be through recycling of the waste by turning them into a usefully one.
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We wish to begin this project at the end of May. Initially, we plan to build lifted beds and pallet gardens made from recycled wooden pallets. We then plan on planting late-summer vegetables and herbs that are appropriate to our USDA Plant Hardiness Zone (Zone 7). During this time, we will also begin composting, using waste from the rescue and any other waste from volunteers or participants. We aim to have the garden and composting system fully up and running by the end of June. Classes will be held on a weekly basis. We will do community outreach via Facebook, Instagram, and flyers.
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We used old T-Shirts and weaved them into dog toys.
i want to and wncourage people to pock up several peices of plastic when they go to the beach, park or anywhere else you can see rubbish. you can only pick up one peice, but imagine if we all picked up one peice of rubbish we will have cleaned up 7 billion+ peices of rubbish.
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Pet owners buy so much pet food and it comes in big plastic bags. Often, these bags are bound for the landfill. "Fido Recycles Too" reuses these bags to create durable, reusable grocery bags simultaneously reducing the single use bags and reusing potential waste. In order for "Fido Recycles Too" to really make a difference, people need to know why single use bags are so detrimental to the environment. Therefore, this project will include an interactive educational display to be used in conjunction with the distribution of "Fido Recycles Too" bags. Local farmers markets, environmentally focused grocery stores, and the county fair will be the first venues for "Fido Recycles Too." Pet owners and non pet owners alike can help this project succeed, by reusing pet food bags and helping to educate the public.
We‘ll sell cake in school and give the money to the animal shelter and we‘ll collect mobile phones and send them to the telecom.
I’m going to make a stall and sell cupcakes, T-shirts and jewellery. All proceeds go to charities.I’ll also write brochures about animal cruelty, endangered animals and littering.
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Starting with my own clothes, mostly outgrown pants (soft material), my sister and I will turn them into pillows that can be used by cancer treatment centers or even the humane society. Whether people in a cancer treatment chair or an animal in a humane society kennel, they deserve to be comfortable. We are learning how to reuse our old clothes, learning how to sew, and learning how to give and bring smiles to others. We are even attaching a hand written inspirational message to the ones going to the cancer center.
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Pups and Cupcakes are hosting a Puppy and Cat coat/supplies drive. We are requesting Hair Products, dog/cat food, grooming kits, warm pet coats and sweaters. Item collected will be distributed to families and our local ASPCA.
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I was going to visit the place where the trashes are disposed, but I couldn't find one where I can go and look at. So, I changed my plan to pick up trahses around my neighborhood. After I pick up the trashes, I will show the picture of it to young kids and try to teach them about the importance of not throwing the trashes anywhere.