New Zealand
Pick up rubbish. Using less plastic. Finding better choices than plastics. And every living thing in the world.
United States
Our goal for this project is to create a new system in our community that will allow humans and animals to share our environment, operate sustainably, and support any endangered species. By planting native and drought tolerant plant species, our group will help sustain the native habitat of the Santa Monica Mountains, combat invasive species, and restore food supply for animals, who are currently starving due to drought in California. Our group will meet bi-weekly to collaborate on ways to alleviate stress caused by the severe California drought. We will promote sustainabilty, create easy-ways for members of our school and community to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, reduce our carbon footprint, all to protect our fragile environment and preserve it for the future.
United States
We want to raise awareness about how coyotes serve an important part in our ecosystem and impact everything from trees to water. We want to help people understand that predators should be respected, but not disliked. We will work with our class and park services in order to learn the proper information to share with others.
Participate in a school assembly and create a school-wide poster campaign. We will also engage with students from the lower forms in oceanic protection as well as debate forums in extra-curricular activities for older students.