First, we were struggling with searching any local environmental problems. We've based on 4 problems which are exist in our region.
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This project helped to introduce the students, families and their friends to one another, try new dishes and talk about new and healthy ways to eat. It also started conversations about our environment as the park and weather was so beautiful.
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project will feed the shelter animals, as well as teach our day camp children about gardening and nutrition. We will ask our community partners for donations of soil, seeds, and labor.
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+ Build group of voluteers using networks of online resources, schools, church groups, nonprofits and social groups to sign up to go to every restaurant. + Make simple, clear, one-page list of restaurants on the island with their signature "Go Green for Blue" dish + When customers order the Go Green for Blue dish, asked to record that online on that page. Must be very simple and easy! + Keep running total of how many animals, including sealife - are saved + Keep running total of how many gallons of water are saved + Everyone - from planet to people - are rewarded for eating delicious food. Yeah!