The idea is to screen documentaries about animals and the environment. In order to reach more people and have a wider impact, the screenings will be free of charge for anyone who would like to attend. Ideally I would like to establish an annual screening of such films in Athens, Greece (through Jane Goodall’s R&S Greece) and call it “Environmental Film Day”.
United Kingdom
I love writing, and so I created a website with the help of my parents, to post my writing and try to create a community that cares for the environment and wants to create a better world. Changing our thoughts, and focusing in the good things that many people are trying to do.
United States
This Project is to go to places around Puerto Rico and show this Documentary and raise money for Sancturies of Puerto Rico.
United States
Our special needs classroom will create and run a Recycle Center inside our Elementary School: 1. Collect recyclables. 2. Sort material. 3. Track data 4. Earn coins "change" for each piece of recycled material. 5. Donate "change" to conservation of threatened habitat and protection of endangered species in Africa.