This project will raise awareness and motivate people to start collecting and donating items.
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I have the support of Dr. King, Country Trails principle and my third grade teacher Mrs. Robinson. Our club will meet once a month. Anyone in the school can join in if they would like. We will cover all areas of science. We will also do things that will benefit the local community. Examples of this would be an earth day clean up, as well as growing a vegetable garden, and donating the food to a local food pantry.
The profit from this will be used to buy the everyday necessities, which we have, for people around the world. We are collecting the Gratitude of the people who are lucky enough to have the things that they have and transferring them into supplies for people who do not have the things that they need through the World Vision organization website.
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Students will be working in groups to learn more about hydroponics, the nonprofit SEED, and ways that learning Arduino-hydroponics farming techniques might help urban communities like South LA. As this is our first year working on the project, we will start small--by installing small hydroponics systems with Arduino sensors in a small community garden. We hope that this will impact students by helping them make a difference within their own communities and help develop advocacy skills around food justice issues. We were inspired by the work by Steven Ritz, founder of the Green Bronx Machine in the South Bronx, NYC.
we are three members.we will start from schools and daycares to tell childern about oral health and go to shelter houses.we will provide them tooth brushes and toothpaste.
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We will grow a community garden at our recreation center so people can have access to some healthy food. We will also teach them how to garden if they like.
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Out project is to have as many Cashton Roots & Shoots members create cards each month for people at the Cashton Mobile Food Pantry held at the community hall. We will design cards for holidays ranging from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day.
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Our project will do the following: *Pick a raised bed in prime location to evoke school community interest (front yard) *Name our raised bed - The Potato Heads (very visual with art on the sides of the bed) *Plant hearty potatoes *Write poetry weekly to continue to stimulate interest ...
We plan to talk with the school cafeteria workers and try to convince them of providing us with fresh and healthy food. We plan to buy things such as gloves, hair-caps, napkins, dustbins and others so as to improve the sanitation of the surrounding. We plan to do this with the joint effort and agreement of the students, faculty, administration as well as the cafeteria.
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I will have Roots & Shoots members send in their Christmas lists to the Macy's event to increase the amount of money they send to Make A Wish Foundation, a nonprofit that organizes amazing experiences for children with life threatening medical conditions.