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We will inform residents of their options & provide information on how & why 100% renewable energy is ideal.
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Basically a megablocks is when you take a few large city blocks in an area and prevent large vehicles like vans or trucks from entering forcing them to go around the perimeter. The speed limit inside the space is also limited to ten mph for any other vehicles. curbside parking is also replaced with underground parking allowing more space for pedestrians and lowering air pollution.
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Our KYE-YAC Roots & Shoots group joined with the Sister City Foundation to participate in a local Peace Day celebration called Seeds of Peace. We will celebrate peace through art, chalk art, on the sidewalk running through the park. We will engage kids and adults to take part and share their vision of peace through art – and a little play!
in my project ,we will plant flowers around the school compound in different flower pots to make the school compound attractive and also engage some of our students in flower farming.
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I am doing a wax museum to learn about Jane Goodall. The students in my school will be given some gloves and a bag to clean up. They will have a week to clean up as many streets as they can. Everyone is also encouraged to recycle if they are able to. Thank you for making our streets and our world a better place!