Make the world a better place for this generation and yet to come. Wanna be a pride as Madam JANE GOODALL
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On April 22, we intend to volunteer at the local zoo's earth day event. We hope to have an educational table about recycling. We also will prevent at the March for Science that will happen in downtown Logan the same day. A few of our club members will present about youth climate action. The Following weekend, we will speak at the People's Climate March Rally in Salt Lake City and lead the march to Governor Herbert's mansion to present our student climate resolution.
Students will tie Peace messages to the gas balloons to spread awareness and will also write a small note requesting the receiver to contact on the given numbers to inform about the place from where they found the balloon. This will help the students know how far their balloons traveled by the air.
United States
Twelve books of the Earth Manifesto are in process, with the first nine of them are now available from Lulu Publishing, and all the essays can be read online. Common Sense Revival - Book One of the Earth Manifesto could dramatically influence leaders in our communities and religious establishments and halls of power through the moral force of the convictions expressed.