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We will inform residents of their options & provide information on how & why 100% renewable energy is ideal.
Make the world a better place for this generation and yet to come. Wanna be a pride as Madam JANE GOODALL
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It will bring beautiful trees to my neighborhood. I will work with the city of Los Angles free tree program and TreePeople to get as many trees planted as I can.
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Basically a megablocks is when you take a few large city blocks in an area and prevent large vehicles like vans or trucks from entering forcing them to go around the perimeter. The speed limit inside the space is also limited to ten mph for any other vehicles. curbside parking is also replaced with underground parking allowing more space for pedestrians and lowering air pollution.
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Our project will help in planting six trees on a barren street that contains very few plants. Our club is partnered with a non-profit organization called TreePeople who will help our volunteers learn the process of properly planting the trees. Many of our volunteers have the title as a Supervisor Volunteer because they have had experience with planting and caring for numerous trees. Their role is to assist any volunteer that is still unsure of the process or is their first time in planting trees. We will promote our event to our club to receive as many volunteers as we can get. Our club is always ready and happy to help the environment, and our supervisors will help in overseeing the event.
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Our project will be to plant trees using compost from Cal State University, Northridge Sustainability Institute. We want to ensure that the trees will have a healthy start in order to survive in harsh conditions.
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Use social and other forms of media to inform people about Ghaf trees and encourage them to plant them. Give out Ghaf seeds and plants Plant Ghaf anywhere possible
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When we were deciding how we wanted to help our local environment, one of the students (4 years old) said, "We use a lot of paper at school for drawing. I think we should plant a tree since paper comes from trees!" We decided that we would plant a tree on our playground as a way of saying "thank you" to the trees for providing paper and for allowing us to breathe clean air (which is especially important in big cities like NY!) I wanted the students to get experience with fundraising and working toward a goal. The students came up with a plan to have an Ice Cream Fundraiser and luckily for us, it was a beautiful, sunny day! We made over $300! This allowed us to purchase a Cherry Blossom Tree for our playground. Finally, I wanted the students to "get their hands dirty" and help plant the tree. On a rainy, New York day, the students worked hard to dig a hole for our new Cherry Blossom.
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We will plant eggplant in our garden to make sure we are growing and eating local, organic produce!