We will start gathering recyclable materials from homes (wood, cardboard boxes, used paint, clothing, storage bins, etc.), make a thorough plan of the shelter and which animal it is targeted for and start building.
- Contact the refuge dog home and ask if they will accept our donation (completed!) - Asked the art teacher if we can use the art room and if she could be a supervisor (also completed!) - Create designs fro possible dog toys we could make (completed!) - Collect recyclable materials to make some dog toys according to our designs (in process) - Organise a time for people to come help out to make some dog toys which they can receive service hours from -Conduct workshops once a week after school for an hour and a half for 3 weeks -Donate the dog toys to Shenton park!
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Students will read to dogs in our local animals shelter twice a month. In addition to visiting the shelters they will provide the dogs with homemade dog toys made from recycled materials as well as dog cookies baked in our own classroom.
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We will apply for a booth as a non-profit at the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Petersburg. Our booth will feature boards made by the kids about Jane Goodall and Roots and Shoots. We will also do some fundraising for their current
my project will bring upon changes to the society as a whole .. I will start as an example and reach out to others surrounding me as well as outsiders.. I will start by connecting to the community individually and try to gain mass media and the government support so as to be able to achieve my main objective! my main target is the youth and the women who are going through several hardships in their homes and also their surrounding communities
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We will do this by holding a bake sale to raise money for items to put into the gift baskets and secondly hold a pet supply drive at our local pet store to collect both monetary and items as donations and contributions to the baskets/bags we will put together.
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Each child will create a "Starfish-Respect for All Living Things" scrapbook that will feature their responses to all activities with photos, articles, essays, reflections, book reviews and much more. They will invite the public to respond to their blog posts, videos, psa's and hopefully, receive responses to their letter writing campaigns and petitions. And we hope to raise a lot of $$$ with our musical fundraiser, palm oil free bake sale and sale of class magazine. They will continually self assess their learning with frequent personal reflections, partner activities and Socratic Seminar style class discussions that will take place throughout the process.
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Each grade in our school is adopting a group of Community Helpers. Each grade will design and create a game made from recycled materials based on the Community Helper's profession. The students will facilitate these games at our annual Day of Play on October 15. Each group of community helpers (police, sheriff, EMT, etc) will be invited to be honored at a Day of Play that the public is invited to. Each group will be honored and will play the games with the students, thereby building a positive and playful experience together.
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Our group is skyping with the animal shelter and contributing toys and needs to the shelter. Some students are writing inquiry pieces sharing their ideas about the significance of adopting a sheltered animal. Within the community their is a home for elderly people who through empathy and kindness share knowledge and good times together. Our class will be visited by its members to learn of the challegenes of aging and reaching out with time and caring. Students are growing seedlings for the home to plant flowers for Mother's Day. On April 5th we will share in the Jane Goodall Bday webinair and learn more of her work, Finally we are writing letters and presenting to the board of education developing an action plan. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO how acan we add a following ? We are seeking to purchase a rycle container and contribute to a community need. WE alsosupported a field trip of cultural awareness.