United States
We want people to get creative about how to give old materials a second life! Instead of just throwing things in the landfills, we are looking into how to reuse old items.
United States
For the holiday season, our group made toys and raised money for POUNCE, a local cat shelter. We made toys out of recycled materials and also collected donations and money for POUNCE outside a local grocery store. We collected a total of over $150 dollars worth of cat stuff for the shelter. Fifteen participants contributed two hours each.
El Salvador
Our group organized a plastic-recycling competition. Kindergarden- through 12th-graders competed in the competition. The grade that collected the most plastic by the week's end won a "jeans day." Representatives from Reciplast.org came and gave a speech on recycling and reusing, and has agreed to collect the school's recycling. Three hundred thirty individuals participated for five hours.