United States
Our project will support the nonprofit organization of Abilis and raise awareness and support of those with developmental disabilities and how they are people just like us who need support and deserve the rights to a good life.
United States
The trip was a success! We worked with scientists from the Center for Marine Research (University of Havana), and learned about and helped with coral reef monitoring. We learned basic methodologies used for monitoring the health of the reefs. We also helped out at an organic farm that specializes in medicinal plants like aloe and turmeric. In addition, myself and two other students presented to a marine conservation group in a small community called Cocodrilo. We spoke about environmental issues and tourism in Tampa Bay, and then their group presented to us.
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In order to get the most out of the experience, we will make it into a fun game with prizes! We will split up into teams and spread out in different areas around our school, and meet back at a designated location afterwards. Those who collected the most trash will be awarded special prizes.
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My project will seek to raise pollinator awareness through education. I will make t-shirts and posters that encourage helping pollinators through certain actions. We will encourage planting of milkweed and other helpful plants. We will ask others to commit to boycott pesticides and non-organic planting. If we put together our creativity and compassion we can make a difference.
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
1) Research the condition of the animals living in Sai Kung country park. through field trips, expert interviews and litter surveys 2)Raising awareness of habitat loss in the Sai Kung country park. We will visit other schools to share our findings through presentations, powtoons and workshops. 3)Enlighten Hong Kong Academy School community about our issue We will inform our own peers at school about our reserch and share our findings.
Volunteer manpower, information, or any other form of assistance useful in the effective implementation of wildlife conservancy programs. Through the support of civil society we hope to put checks and balances on already existing wildlife management authorities. We intend to see that executive, judiciary and legislature fully carry out their mandate and enforce the newly enacted wildlife protection laws. We also intend to rally support for wildlife friendly legislation and demand the swift prosecution of poachers. Any conservancy groups or friends of animals that want to contact us or support us can do so via sending an email to parklandsprotect@gmail.com for more information.
United States
Several students work at a local family-owned restaurant. They noticed that food such as the outer leaves of lettuce, melon rinds, celery tops, and the like were being thrown away. In their concern about the wasted food, the students noticed a wildlife refuge, Izzy's Pond, in the community. After some brainstorming, the students decided by majority vote to collect the vegetation at the restaurant. The leafy parts will be donated to the fowl life at Izzy's Pond. The rest will be composted for a community garden.
I will deliver a talk and presentation to my grade 6 class at Esther Starkman School. I will also be handing out hand made pan flits to the class. I will have a craft sale at my local park to raise awareness to the community. All the money will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation in order to push towards saving the bees in Canada. http://www.davidsuzuki.org/
I will introduce an idea to my class. The idea is, we will have a competition - whoever picks up the most rubbish, identifies it and has visual proof will win a prize. I will hand out sheets designed for identifying rubbish and going back to the source and asking them to stop polluting. I think the idea of a prize will get more people involved!
United States
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16_2T8l53Jik8U87L_R5XcemuCCgLoLrfBqix-WvNjSI/edit?usp=sharing The link above provides direct navigation to our opensource Google Slides where we summarize and present our project findings. Thank your for your time and interest!