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My project is to utilize social media networks to help Gulf Specimen continue to keep it's animals happy and healthy.
We are supporting agricultural project of community-based members to help them increase their yields and thus improving their income
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In 2010, Resources for Health Roots & Shoots adopted Evergreen Park, a community space with play structures, open fields, and a small wooded trail system, for Arbor Day. Our first project as “park adopters” was planting flowers to beautify the park’s entrance, and for the next three years, we carried out a variety of park enhancement projects, including litter cleanup, light park maintenance, filling roles in community events, and the occasional blackberry removal. Although these early projects weren’t directly focused on the woods, we admired it as a gateway to the past, what the landscape must have looked like before the parking lots and high-density housing that now surround it. In 2013, our group agreed that the area of the park in the direst need of our help was that wooded area, as it was least utilized, and in turn, least maintained segment of the park. That month we shifted our efforts to be more focused and consistent in the woods. We also began to extend the participation of the events from our group to community members. During these events, we removed immense amounts of the invasive blackberry, redefined the entire trail system, removed litter, and re-vegetated the woods with native plants. As a result, many native plants independently regrew in place of the blackberry we removed, our re-vegetation efforts took root and helped shade out the blackberry, and the trails stand out from the surrounding foliage and debris! As of today, these projects continue in the woods of Evergreen Park. To learn more or get involved with our efforts at Evergreen Park, visit www.resourcesforhealth.org or email us at Info@Resourcesforhealth.org!
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Our project will establish an area with appropriate predator proof enclosures for different species, available for the community, especially farmers, to come and see how they can keep their livestock safe. We will research the best techniques for predator proofing, costs to build and maintain the structures, organizations to partner with, and funding sources. Then we will build the structures, and open up the area so people can visit and learn!
organising aa workcamp and plant many trees and creat some artistical works and sensibilize children and weman by making them part of the project from the beggining. many partners will be also part of this operation.
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CMS Pet Palooza: the sponsored organizations have a table at the event with volunteers. CMS students invited to bring dogs and participate in dog shows. Teachers judge. More info here http://animalsandplanet.weebly.com/.
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I will help to get the word out. I will lead them in Sing for the Climate and upload photos and videos to the FutureFlash! Project on facebook and twitter. And during lunch I will project facebook and twitter posts from the Peoples Climate March in New York City.
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Bringing awareness of sustainability to our community through education programs and projects that are fun for all ages. School Outreach project Plastic Bag committee Community garden
To share Dr. Goodall's message of hope, connection, and peace.
We learned about the plight of the African Elephant in class as part of our regular learning experiences. This led us to wanting to do something to protect the elephants. We researched which groups in Africa were helping the elephants and found Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE). Because we had seen a series on elephants at Amboseli, we decided to explore ATE further. We found out that to save the Amboseli elephants from poaching and human/elephant conflict, it was vital to have the support of the local Maasai people. This, in turn, led us to researching the Massai culture. We contacted ATE and found out that one of the ways they work with the local people is by providing Eductional Scholarships for the youth so they can become leaders of the future. We decided that we wanted to support the education of girls because without an education, a Maasai girl's life can be very difficult. Also if there are funds available, the Maasai tend to educate their boys before their girls. It is our belief that girls should be afforded the same educational opportunities as boys. We will raise funds by having a band day, making popcorn and having money boxes in the classrooms. We will make a powerpoint presentation to be shown to the entire school about the plight of the African Elephants and the reason we are raising funds.