We shall enhance awareness among people. Tell them what is right and what is wrong. Provide medical help to the deceased animals. Provide them proper care. Care for them.
United States
We want to address the challenge of slowing down climate change as well as how to implement the prototype of a successful house made from recycled materials. We plan on finishing up our recycling campaign and then creating the recycled house prototype for the Indigenous Communities.
Collect food that would be thrown away because it's not 'salable' anymore (but still perfectly eatable!) And offer a free lunch to 700 students!
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We plan to create an art recycling project and decrease our carbon footprint to help preserve the Marshall Islands by education students and the community about the importance of recycling and how it is directly effecting the indigenous communities of the Marshall Islands.
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I will create a group in Facebook and invite all my friends and the public to like the project and invite them to share it to the people or organizations that they know are doing environmental and/or community service.
South Korea
Sharing our activities pictures and learning other activities from the other Roots and Shoots members. We are going to do various activities which we can do at school. For instance, environment education volunteering, "The under dog" campaign, flashmob and so on.
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The students started working on their Green Team and R & S efforts to recycle and keep their campus clean when school started in August, 2014. They also earned an Oklahoma Green School flag after completing studies on water and energy and presenting concerns and recommendations to the school board of directors and their families.
I am an EA in my own children's school. I will start a school club to bring awareness about different topics. It is a k-9 school.
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Since the children are young, we will introduce the above goals through arts and crafts, games, discussions, an occasional field trip and find age appropriate community service projects/activities.