Our Gr. 4 project is three parts 1) working with a buddy class to provide information and structures to educate the community about our Aspen Forest habitat. 2) To build structures to encourage wildlife eg) songbirds back to the forest. 3) To complete a plant project from seedling to supper to educate our parents/community about the findings and discoveries we have had within the Aspen Forest Habitat & plant life that we have learned about while providing a fundraising supper to support future projects regarding our Outdoor Classroom.
The very first step of this campaign will be to document various frog species around you. This is very simple. Just click the picture of the frog that you spot and upload it to our online Facebook group called ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Go to your facebook profile and type ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Join the group and share. Add species name (if known), time and location. It will be an added benefit to count the number of frogs seen. Don't forget to use the hashtag #NotJustFrogs and share it with your friends. You could also use the hashtag and upload it on your twitter and instagram profiles. Next time share this fun activity with your friends and get them to love frogs, if not love just get them to join the group.
Create a sanctuary fro birds in order for them to have a place to rest and hopefully nest. This will be accomplished by creating an ecosystem similar to that found in the near by hills of my school. The project consist in having a secluded place of my school (With the least amount of human interaction), clean it, remove those species that do not belong to the target ecosystem and reforest with trees and bushes that will ultimately grow to create the target environment.
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My project will create and set up a lasting garden program at my highschool in which the whole community will partake in as well as renovate and landscape other areas outside around my school to encourage students to spend more time outside in these comfortable environments and be more eager to go to school. I will achieve this by applying for numerous grants and receiving support from the town.
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The goal of all exhibits will be to follow the Roots & Shoots mission to make a positive difference to either people, or animals, or the environment.
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Our project will drastically impact the space allotted to us by engaging aspects of ecosystem restoration to make it livable for various species. We will document our work and share it with the public to encourage others around us to support native wildlife and hopefully make changes in their own lives and backyards.
The children already meet on Saturdays and Sundays at my home on the edge of the jungle. We meet in the two dance pavilions I have built over the years. There are two men, Wayan Damai, Wayan Sutika who are very knowledgeable and there are others too, to help us make a book, bit by bit of our local medicinal plants and wild food plants. The more the children know about these plants the more they are likely to protect the forest which we still have in Puakan. Naturally these people should be paid. It is possible to have this part of the program on Saturdays as Sundays are devoted to traditional dance, play, reading and drawing. The cost of the medicinal plant program is, Drawing teacher, and/or Plant teacher for 3 hours, $15, 3 staff helpers, $12, lunch for all, $25. Art supplies are always my personal contribution
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the Classroom will offer the learners an opportunity to learn more about conservation of animals, trees and biodiversity as a whole. Firstly an existing classroom in the school will be renovated and repainted with tree paintings, flowers, insects and animal tracks will be painted on the classroom walls. Then we will try our level best to make the classroom look as an outdoor classroom as possible full of colour and drawings.
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The learners will be taken on an excursion where they will spend 2 days in the African bush learning mainly about poaching, of wildlife and what it entails, what are the drivers for people to end up poaching our wildlife, the Bush Babies will be given a clear understanding of what the products are wrongfully used for and told that these products do not work for instance the rhino horn is made p of the same substance as our fingernails therefore it does not work as medicine. The Bush Babies will also be taken on game drives to see the Big 5 in their natural environment, learning about the different tree, grass species and learning about different birds species and mammals.
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I will be shooting my project with a regular camera:) I am working on getting a better camera. This is my IB Biology assignment and I hope that you enjoy:)