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Our project originated at Hillside Intermediate School where students were welcomed by an introduction about Martin Luther King Day and the significance of Martin Luther King's philosophy. In order to honor this, small groups of staff, community members, and students volunteered their day off to provide services at local organizations; services such as sorting donations at a family aid center and putting on a talent show for seniors. After providing services, small groups traveled back to Hillside School to reflect on their day and how it linked to Martin Luther King's work. Almost all whom reflected felt proud of their contribution and were motivated to do it again.
United States
A lower elementary class in Lexington Montessori School chose to engage the school community and ask that everyone recycle devices that were no longer being used. The class spoke to parents, staff and students about the issues of coltan mining. Groups made signs and drop boxes, some took time to speak to each and every class and others manned collection areas. The class chose one day where everyone could easily drop their devices before and after school during drop off and pick up. An email was sent to the school community so that everyone was aware of the recycling day.
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I created a stand with my dad for helping chimps to raise money for this group
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At this community celebration of the life and ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr, we contribute by flying two of our giant Peace Doves in a march through the city. This year we also brought our "Bookmarks for Literacy" (Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge) project for community members to participate in. In addition, we taught everybody how to fold Origami Peace Cranes and shared the cranes message of peace.
Creating a joyful celebration for the 2014 International Day of Peace.
It helps the kids on the street and mostly the Challenge farm kids with food,clothes and books for the school and even a transitioning school.
In this Project, get creative and make art showing Peace! You can draw what you think peace means on your sidewalk with chalk, you can draw a sign and place it on your yard, and more! Try to show people that peace is awesome and, you should Peace out!
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I will get some wood or cardboard, make some signs and then make the stand also get some cups and lastly get some lemonade
South Africa
Our group decided to print over 500 world citizenship passports with the consent of the government, both India and Africa and stamp them with the values of Gandhi and Mandela. We want to do this so that we can make the people of Johannesburg feel much more motivated and not so less fortunate. We are doing this to see them happy. Along with this, each students plans to make a speech, recite a poem or show their skills in a variety of areas to express their feelings about this project to the people of Johannesburg.
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We will fly the Peace Dove while members of Roots and Shoots get up on stage one by one to tell the group what Roots and Shoots means to them.