This project is beeng developed by 6th high school year at Schhool 7707 in Puerto Madryn, Chubut Argentina. The aim of this project is to discover what are people at the Home needs and desing activities for beeing developed by people of sorounding community. So common people ca be part of this institution by giving their time to go to play cards, read, clean gardens, sew, knitt, cook an many activities more, with people that live there.
United States
I am a high school student who attends Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, New York. Attending an art school will hopefully allow me to take artistic approaches in bringing students and teachers together to make changes. I will create school shows that involves students to spread the important message: make a change. Students utilizing their artistic talent in spreading the message will open the minds of other students and teachers.
Participate in a school assembly and create a school-wide poster campaign. We will also engage with students from the lower forms in oceanic protection as well as debate forums in extra-curricular activities for older students.
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Meet at Central Park and march with thousands of people... to make a stand at Climate Week in NYC.
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We volunteer handing out promotions & walking for Farm Sanctuary Walks in Philadelphia. My daughter was thrilled to join my friend & I, and I'm happy to show her to stand up for what she believes in.
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Our small group has offered our time every other Saturday morning, during the Spring/Summer/Autumn for a few hours of our to work on the farm. Weeding, harvesting, & anything else they may need help with. We did it last year & can't wait to get started again! The farm will be having an Earth Day Pot luck as well... & it'll be so exciting to use some of this years beautiful produce to make a meal to share. :-)
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My project will motivate young people to make a difference voluntarily to make a better world. It will begin by introducing this idea to my closest friends and the to the schools. Then we will reunited groups to help in a specific area to help orphans, homeless, or old age people.
United States
Over international borders( many of those fighting in middle eastern wars) the environment and protecting the world we live in is often forgotten. What if we could possibly bring children of different war torn countries together to not only create peace but to make a difference in there communities through sustainability. With war in many scenarios comes loss of money and education. Why don't we educate people on how to create environmentally sustainable power by not only helping them save money but help the world we all live in. But let's start small why not create small gardens in homes and schools to represent sustainability as well as the strive for peace. Lets now start even smaller and brainstorm a way to help send the knowledge and supplies to start these gardens of peace and grow sustainability over seas. Let's make a difference. Let's make peace. Let's have fun and make new friends!!!!
Today 20th of March 2015, we'll take a photo of many students who will stand together forming the letters of the word "Respekt" - in many colours... You'll see! (to be continued) Heute, am 20. März 2015, werden wir ein Foto von vielen Schülern machen, die zusammen das Wort "Respekt" aufstellen - in allen möglichen Farben...
South Africa
On the 15th of March 2015 we will visit JGI "Chimp Eden" and take a tour by sanctuary staff of the sanctuary.