Workshops, lectures in schools and in the comunity.
We have created one feed point outside the school. Every morning and afternoon students bring food and water to the feed point. A veterinarian will come to talk to all kids at school about the importance of vaccines, sterilization and to explain the correct procedures to approach stray animals. We are collecting money for our campaign selling food, drinks and handcrafts every friday and with donation buckets. This money is for food, vaccines, sterilizations and to start with the awareness campaigns.
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Conduct an Educational Outreach Program at multiple venues in the Town of Colonial Beach. As a pilot project, install at least one pet waste disposal station along Beach Avenue. As a continuing project, install 10 pet waste disposal stations along other waterfront streets.
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I will tell a couple of friends about what i'm doing and we will go to an animal shelter and ether volunteer or spend time with the animals so their more comfortable around humans and more will get adopted.
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The girls will gather old/stained clothing to Re-use by making dog toys for a newly opened shelter. This will allow more people to know about the shelter while also providing for the dogs.
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My project will get the supplies(food, water, blankets, beds) for animals at a local animal shelter. I will ask for donations at my school, and other places. Also, I hopefully will be able to get started with a 200 dollar mini-grant!!!!
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CMS Pet Palooza: the sponsored organizations have a table at the event with volunteers. CMS students invited to bring dogs and participate in dog shows. Teachers judge. More info here
We meet once a week throughout the school year (Sept. - June)
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We are going to identify several native butterfly species and then research the types of plants they eat. Then we are going to look up what those plants need to grow and be healthy and plant them around our backyard!
my project is going to take in a lot of people( only if they like dogs ) and we are going to make a plan of how we are going to save the dogs, because we cannot just take them from the street by hand. our plan will be: 1. we will map arusha and see where the most street dogs are located. 2. we will browse through arusha and maybe even moshi for animal shelters and hospitals. they will hopefuly help us because they have experience. 3. we will with all hope start saving the dogs and bring them to the shelters and hospitals. Our budget that is needed we can get by advertising to donate and ask the pet shelters. this may all sound impossible to you, but i really want this dream to come true so we can save the earth and set an example to the others. people will have many questions, but through the process we will make mistakes and make new ideas for the plan.