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As a club, we are focusing both locally and abroad. Our school is in need of trash removal and cleaning up school grounds. We will have an official clean-up on Oct 23 with the National Honors society and the Environmental club. We are also helping to pass this message to the children of Rwanda by partnering with the charity Hope Shines and creating posters on drinking water safety. We will also be fundraising to purchase personal water filters for the children in Rwanda.
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semester long sequential unit plan with daily lesson plans. introducing students to urban wildlife environmental science through use of nature journals and art with experimental science
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i want to clean up the trash and bags off the beach and the plastic bags and trash from the water. you need to use sail boats also instead.
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We raise money to help countries who do not have fresh drinking water get access to it whether it be us sending them fresh water or us helping them set up the resources so they can get access to their own.
we do this through a project namely SEED(student empowerment for environmental development).it is divided into three .they are blue,green and white.blue stands for water conservation,green stands for plants and white for cleanliness. it is widely spread in many schools.I am alsio a member of SEED.In each school there will be a co-ordinator .In our school,under the coordinator we formed a club.we palnt trees,we make some awareness programmes and as SEED members we do conservation in our own ways.
My project is looking towards getting support mainly through the students and staff at BBSS as well as being open towards any other people who would like to help from the community and globally! Although we still have a very low amount of people who are interested so far I look to strive towards doing numerous things during and after the school year, some of these things including: Marine Awareness Week (a time where there will be many posters around the school as well as a table or booth of some sort where there will be information sheets talking about local and global marine life issues as well as sign-up sheets to join this project and either crafts or goods of some kind that we can sell to students/staff to raise money in a non-profit way to donate to worthy organizations/charities), An extra curricular group that can spend time thinking of future plans for the project in terms of making donations and gaining support and people who would like to join, and much more cool things! This project will be open to all types of people joining regardless as long as they want to help and are willing to put in the effort to making a change in our world for the better. If you are looking to gain more information on what this project plans on doing I will be personally open to talk to at 1-807-464-1016 or if you would like to contact me in person I will be available if I have given you further contact information or if you see me anywhere in person I will always try and make time or schedule time where we can talk about this project, further projects and anything else you may have any questions on. Thank you for any support given to this project and any of those who choose to help in it as well for your time to read through this if you have. A GoFundMe will be made in future times to accept donations of non-profit.
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My project will keep your plants greens, the drinking water clean and the animals safe and healthy. What I can do is pick up glass and garbage, mow the lawn , trim the trees and pull out weeds.
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1. Learn and understand - all about an estuary, what is actually happening to the water of Long Island Sound, what impact do we the citizens have on it. 2. Students will be involved in citizen science project - A Day in the Life of the Nissequogue River, collecting samples for scientists. 3. Learning from New York State Department of Environment Education experts how to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of water entering the sound. Planning , taking the actions, and educating our community.
Project will bring together the community members and the Park authority to share good means of protecting the buffer zones It will establish nurseries for indigenous and exotic tree species to be replanted into disturbed catchments It will form school environmental clubs for environmental knowledge dissemination, nursery establishment and management. School clubs will extend tree planting and conservation knowledge with community members in protected areas especially in buffer zones and catchments. Collaborate with village leaders in forming environmental conservation by-laws.
Students will explore a small section of the Bargo river and produce digital objects to be be included in a virtual interactive river. Examples of digital objects are videos (documentaries), musical compositions, slide presentations, photographs, creative writing, field guides and models. The project encourages students to explore their academic and as such, provides opportunities to employ many of Gardner's Multiple intelligences. The project will result in a fully integrated interactive site that can be accessed by the public.