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The Oakley Park Roots & Shoots leaders will research what plants are good for our zone, research a healthy habitat for our animal visitors and research the benefits of learning outdoors. We will then implement our findings by planting new plants, building a heathy habitat for our mother duck and other animals and last we will educate our school on the importance of outdoor class time.
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The grandchildren (now ages 4 and 6) help to choose plants, and they help to plant and care for them. They have selected fruit trees to grow and have specified which butterflies to try to attract to the garden. They help to water and to weed and to fill the bird-feeder.
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Source used for students to better understand the similarities and differences between Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya. Before researching, students with randomly be assigned Metabolism, function, Structure, or homeostasis. They will then be let go to research the structure, function, metabolism, or homeostasis for Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya/Eukarya Kingdoms. Structure and function go with Eukarya Kingdoms, while metabolism and homeostasis go with Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya. They will also give a brief explanation as to why their researched topic is important for Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya to function and what might happen if something were to dysfunction. After they have found their information, they will upload it to the project page with their assigned info finding task and name.
I will write a short article informing the public about the abuse these animals have to endure. Furthermore I will be sharing a poster on social media that briefly states the reasons why someone must not purchase any pets this way and I will include the link to my article for more information.
I will write a potential plan, I will approach the P&C in relation to same and if same is approved will invite parents and students to participate. I will start with year 1 - 3 and then move to other years. If the P&C refuses I may approach the City Council for some space to implement the project.
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Plan, plant, and harvest from our school garden.
Holiday Program at All Life Matters Sanctuary. A group of 16 to 18 children will be attending a holiday program at All Life Matters. The adult supervisor will assist the children in following the Roots and Shoots 4-step formula over a period of one week. Children will tour the facilities, be introduced to the various animals, be shown videos of Every Living Thing animal sanctuary in Dar es Salaam as well as Animal Ambulance rescue in Johannesburg. They will interview the various people working at the sanctuary, including the director, Moira. Once fully engaged they will map out the farm, observe areas that require improvement (this will also come from the various interviews on site). Children will decide on a short term remedy to complete during the holiday camp as well as long term ideas to continue supporting the animal haven following the service learning ethos of Roots and Shoots.
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We are going to help the city of calabasas plants trees at a middle school in the community and represent Roots & Shoots from our school.
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It will empower students to utilize various resources to map their community and to discover needs as well as resources.