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We just need to spread the word. Spread it faster than the climate deniers.
By inventing a chemical free fragrant, potpourri, the environment will be much fresher.
South Korea
When my family goes for a walk on a mountain trail nearby, I will bring a large trash bag to pick up litter and recycle it in my local apartment recycling.
The project is already set up and the final testing is this summer, After this we will start with massive promotion all over Qatar. Next school year another roof garden will be set up in our school to cover the full roof top.
We plan to carry out a Fruit Tree Plantation activity at WWF Wildlife reserve in Lahore Pakistan. The reserve houses many indigenous as well has imported species of birds. Due to the rapid urbanization of the city birds have lost their habitats. Plantation of fruit trees will attract more birds and provide more fruits for the resident birds. This activity will help provide birds with a habitat while cleaning and cooling the air.
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We are planting Sugar Maple again! This time more trees, and across the hill from the new track. More people expecting to come out.
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The trees planted will better the environment at Keystone, they will also be used once they are matured for Keystones Maple Sugaring program, that benefits the community and helps create interest in tree conservation and a green lifestyle
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Our original idea was to make a completely recycled tree so we could educate the public on deforestation. We then branched out into Leaves for Trees. By reaching out to Whole Foods we secured sponsorship for our project. For every leaf someone put on our tree, Whole Foods would donate 1 dollar to Roots and Shoots. We then donated the money to Plant-it 2020, an organization that plants 1 indigenous tree for every 1 dollar donated.
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The first step in the process was to complete a long survey of our school (Tom McCall Upper Elementary- Forest Grove) covering the topics of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | Integrated Pest Management | Indoor Air Quality | Non-Toxic Products. We first had to get approval of the Administration Site Council. When this was done, we formed a committee of 5 members to interview our counselor to get the needed information.
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teach ecology and have students create a painting that represents a relationship in nature. This is about human impact on the environment. At the end I will ask students to make a commitment to DOING something to protect the environment.