1. Create a community map 2. Run an annual community questionnaire & consultation 3. Store all data collected in a database 4. Use this data to inform/design relevant student led community projects
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This project will , raise money to donate to research groups to further their studies to attempt to stop this from growing. And to get the word out to the community about the harmfulness to themselves and the animals of the lake, with the water conditions and quality of it.
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My art service learning group at Poudre Community Academy partnered with Wildlands Restoration and Bohemian Foundation's GiveNext program to provide a creative outlet to people of all ages that promotes the arts and create a "Need for Seed Garden" in our school yard for us to build, design, grow and give. The purpose of the garden is to help supply Wildlands Restoration with our seeds from Colorado native drought resistance plants to help re-seed area lands destroyed by flooding and wild fires.
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In this project, we will find parts of the world that are environmentally unstable and we will host fundraisers with a purpose to provide these underdeveloped environments with much needed necessities. We will raise the money through bake sales in our school and and advertise in our schools newspaper. Once again, please contact us if you are interested in helping
Our Gr. 4 project is three parts 1) working with a buddy class to provide information and structures to educate the community about our Aspen Forest habitat. 2) To build structures to encourage wildlife eg) songbirds back to the forest. 3) To complete a plant project from seedling to supper to educate our parents/community about the findings and discoveries we have had within the Aspen Forest Habitat & plant life that we have learned about while providing a fundraising supper to support future projects regarding our Outdoor Classroom.
The very first step of this campaign will be to document various frog species around you. This is very simple. Just click the picture of the frog that you spot and upload it to our online Facebook group called ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Go to your facebook profile and type ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Join the group and share. Add species name (if known), time and location. It will be an added benefit to count the number of frogs seen. Don't forget to use the hashtag #NotJustFrogs and share it with your friends. You could also use the hashtag and upload it on your twitter and instagram profiles. Next time share this fun activity with your friends and get them to love frogs, if not love just get them to join the group.
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Our communities in the Highlands are coming together to raise awareness of an urgent issue, which not only threatens a specially protected habitat of an important bottlenose dolphin population, but is also threatening the endangered harbour porpoises and marine life as well as local bird colonies. In the area of highest density of our beloved dolphins (which attract thousands of tourists each year)- a proposal has been made to allow ship to ship oil transfers. Not only has this application been shown to lack any economic gain to our community, it has also been criticised by over a dozen experts and environmental bodies. In spite of heavy criticism from leading ecology experts and concerned bodies the application is still being pursued. Our community council held a meeting and the vote was unanimous against the proposals to allow this. We also instructed experts in the oil industry to review the reports and surveys and found the risk assessments to be flawed and grossly underestimating the impact on the dolphin families of the Cromarty and Moray Firths. Let alone the extensive impact on our local bird colonies and other wildlife, such as a humpback whale "Humpy"- spotted just yesterday at the very site of the suggested oil-transfers. With the UK government already under attack from EU courts over its failure to properly protect our marine mammals (especially harbour porpoise)- we as a community feel we must hold them accountable for the protection of these special creatures. We feel privileged to be able to walk just minutes from our homes at almost any day of the year and see the dolphins playing and interacting close to the shore. Everyone who has been here on holiday and witnessed it, feels how special that is. People come here on holiday, year after year to see them again. We really feel that the dolphins especially are our friends, and in fact their presence has brought an estimated £270million annually to our local economy through direct tourism and ecotourism. That's something we feel gives them a right to remain safe in their preferred habitat. The dolphins dont have a voice, so we want to give them one! We are fundraising and educating people locally about the plans so that we can rise together as a community to challenge this unnecessary threat to their environment. We hope to protect their home and ensure they are here for many generations to feel the special connection with them. We hope that we will win our plight to choose Nature over Profit.
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Our project will help people that fish catch fish, this is a great bait to fish with. Also it will help people that don't have much money to spend on fishing baits, buy our baits because they are going to be cheaper than what they are usually.
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Using Esri and ArcGIS mapping software, I will map the impact, incineration, and health zones that represent areas where people, animals, and the environment would be affected by the compressor station. The map will be printed on a 2x3 foam board, and displayed at a local harvest block party.
Create a sanctuary fro birds in order for them to have a place to rest and hopefully nest. This will be accomplished by creating an ecosystem similar to that found in the near by hills of my school. The project consist in having a secluded place of my school (With the least amount of human interaction), clean it, remove those species that do not belong to the target ecosystem and reforest with trees and bushes that will ultimately grow to create the target environment.