I Dream of Green

Use this Project-in-a-Box as a Guide for Protecting
and/or Creating Green Spaces in Your Community

If you’re not quite ready to plan and complete an independent project, we have one ready for you!

Did you know that protecting or creating green spaces can help your community, mental health, help fight climate change, and is good for wildlife? Do this ‘I Dream of Green: Project-in-a-Box’ to make a difference in as simple as 1-2-3-4!

I Dream of Green

Projects-in-a-Box are intended to provide Roots & Shoots members more support and guidance to complete a Roots & Shoots project. Through this Project-in-a-Box ‘I Dream of Green’, you will learn how you can make a difference and green your community! This project guide follows the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula. The 4-Step Formula helps you get inspired and take action through easy and fun tools. This also helps develop your Compassionate Traits, so while you’re building a better community, you’re also building a better YOU!

Best part? If you’re a member (which is FREE), you can register your project on your Roots & Shoots profile for a chance to be featured. Include the key word ‘Team Green’ in your project title!

I Dream of Green Project Guide

You can use this PDF of the full 'I Dream of Green Project-in-a-Box' online, downloaded to your computer, or printed.
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Choose Your Change

Use the following chart to help determine the best way for you to make a difference!

*For helpful links and more resources, download the full I Dream of Green Project offered above.

Community Outreach Template

Fill out this letter template when reaching out to community collaborators for support.
Get the Template

Letter to Representatives Template

Use this letter to representatives template when contacting your local representatives about protecting local green space.
Get the Template

Roots & Shoots Family Toolkit

Dr. Jane reminds us to "think locally and act locally." If you feel there are other issues more pressing in your area or if you find your community already has plenty of green spaces, use the Roots & Shoots Family Toolkit as a guide to design a service project with your community in mind.
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