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We want to support the incredible work that you are doing in your community.

U.S. educators, individuals and group leaders are invited to apply for a $200 mini-grant to start, support, or celebrate their community-action project!

Best part? You can apply anytime! Applications are reviewed and grants processed at multiple times throughout the year. Once you get your mini-grant, all you have to do is complete a final survey. Grant recipients are required to fill out a final report by specific due dates.

Who can apply?

Students, teachers, community groups/organizations, educators…anyone who is interested in starting (or continuing) a community-action project to positively impact people, other animals, and/or the environment.

To be eligible you must:

Reside in the United States, be a registered member of Roots & Shoots (it’s free! If you’re not already a member, register today.) Review the Mini-Grant Memorandum of Understanding for more details.

Get Funded

Apply today for a $200 Roots & Shoots Mini-Grant!
Check out this video to see a Roots & Shoots mini-grant in action!

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How to get started:

Choose a project. Decide what type of action you want to take in your community​! Need help choosing a project? Follow the 4-Step Formula to follow your passion and find your calling.


The 4-Step Formula

Discover your passion and create a project with big impact.

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